If you’re often running out of leads, your existing database is exhausted, and cannot find new leads to expand your business, the perfect solution is here.

By using the power of Internet, we will connect your business with the right customer, specifically interested in your services.

Once demand is expressed, your main priority is to respond, most likely using your established sales systems.

If you are planning to expand your business, and increase the number of leads, please answer these key questions and we will assist you, from the start to the completion, without additional hassle on your part.

We will focus on your ideas and suggestions when preparing the right lead generation strategy for your business.


If you own manufacturing business or production related business, focused to sell products in foreign markets, the right solution is here. By using the power of Internet, you can connect with foreign markets in several ways:

  • Selling to the end customer directly

    Introduction of your products to the end customer the moment they show interest for it, or started searching for solutions. Solution for companies selling their products directly to the customer by using existing websites and call centers.

  • Connecting with new foreign business partners

    Internet enables you to quickly expand your network of foreign business partners. Solution for companies attempting to sell abroad and without existing connections with the foreign markets.

  • Getting end customers for your sales network

    Your sales network is already in place, now you need fresh leads for your sales representatives both domestically and abroad. Solution for companies that to accellerate lead generation for the whole business netwrok.

  • Finding production related customers

    Solution for companies without their own products with desire to fulfill their production line capacities.

By using the power of Internet, connecting with foreign markets is very fast. Right now all you have to do is click “Submit your enquiry“ or if you are not sure, click “In detaila” and find out more on how lead generation is executed.


The mutual cooperation with the Dinetix Team was a breath of fresh air for the online presence of Terme Olimia. Many thanks to the dynamic and positive team, which always comes up with new ideas matching our customer’s needs, we are extremely grateful and proud with achieved results.

Vasja Čretnik

Sales and Marketing Manager at Terme Olimia d.d. and Terme Tuhelj d.o.o.

The Dinetix Team is assisting us in achieving our sales objectives daily with their innovative and technically sophisticated online campaigns. Thank you!

Samo Seničar

CEO of Leemeta, Specialist Translation Solutions

We have been working with the Dinetix Team for many years. Their flexibility, speed, and utmost expertise are making us extremely happy with their services, and we often recommend Dinetix Team to other business partners.

Igor Stražišnik

General Manager of Prohit d.o.o.

Get "daily fresh" leads for your sales team

Using the power of Internet, we connect users through the right marketing channels, the moment they search for a suitable solution.

The correct marketing strategy guides users to a specific website with one main goal in mind – to gain new leads.

Why Dinetix Team?

Dinetix Team promotes transparency, clear overview of the spending, budgets and fees. A group of creative individuals is constantly in search of new solutions to further increase the number of quality leads for your business.

If you are not fully taking advantage of the internet, you can rest assured in knowing that you are not alone. Dinetix Team will effortlessly assist you in connecting your business with domestic and foreign markets.

If you want to grow your business by increasing the number of quality leads, let us know more about your goals and experiences: